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Substance Abuse Policy

How do I establish a drug testing program, step by step?

While setting up a drug testing program can be a complex process, it doesn't have to be.  We've created this simple guide to show you how to establish your program in seven easy steps:

1) Find a drug testing provider. Call at 203-931-0002
Finding the right provider can make all the difference in the world.  A good drug testing provider, like, will help you through the process of setting up your program, step by step.  


2) Set up a clear, consistent written drug testing policy.
It is important to have a written drug testing policy.  This is essentially a contract between the employee and the employer.  In the policy, the employer states that they are committed to having a drug-free workplace, and that employees are not allowed to use illegal drugs or alcohol on the job.  Furthermore, the policy lets the employee know for what reasons they may be tested, such as pre-employment (as a job applicant), at random, for reasonable suspicion, etc.  The policy also states the penalties for an employee who tests positive, or comes forward with a drug or alcohol abuse problem.  A clear, consistent policy is at the heart of every successful drug testing program.  provides sample drug and alcohol testing policies. Because the needs of each company are different and laws vary by state, A & B always recommends having your policy reviewed by your attorney before it is implemented by your company. 


3) Establish your record keeping system
To assist you in orderly and efficiently completing and maintaining your drug and alcohol testing records, A & B  has developed a comprehensive set of forms and record keeping guidance.'s Drug and Alcohol Testing Forms are available both in traditional and electronic format.


4) Find local facilities to perform collections for you or arrange for professional collectors come to your office or job site.  
No drug testing program can be complete without a location for your employees to go to be tested.  Of course, you can choose to perform your own collections in house, but most companies choose to use an outside provider, often a local hospital, clinic, medical doctor, or chiropractor.  Of course, if you use as your drug testing provider this becomes much easier! A & B will take care of setting up all of your testing locations for you.  We will find and contact the collection sites, ensure that the sites provide the services to meet your program needs, provide the site with specific instructions for your account.

5) Train your supervisors about your program
Effective supervision is key to a drug-free workplace program.  One of the most important considerations is the need to focus on job performance and avoid attempting to become a counselor or diagnostician.  Supervisors should be able to recognize patterns of behavior that might indicate employee problems -- and be prepared to refer employees to appropriate sources of help.  Training for supervisors is essential for an effective workplace program. has solutions to help meet your training needs.  


6) Train/Educate your employees about your policy and drug abuse.
It is important that every employee in your organization receives a copy of your drug testing policy, and information about drug abuse in general.  Educating your employees about drug abuse will help to decrease alcohol and drug abuse in your organization.  


7) Consider an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
A great optional compliment to any drug-free workplace program is an EAP.  An EAP is a confidential service that helps employees deal with a variety of personal problems that may be interfering with their work performance.  Consulting an EAP, as with any form of counseling, should be voluntary.  More than ever before, EAP services are available to smaller business at very affordable (Almost negligible) costs.  You may already have an EAP program in place without even knowing it!  Many health insurance providers bundle EAP services with health insurance at no extra cost. is here to help you along every step of the way.  Call us at 203-931-0002 to receive a customized service proposal.

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