Headquarters for 101ScreeningService.com is located in West Haven, CT., however, services are provided nationwide.
101ScreeningService.com provided employers with the vital information they needed to make important decisions, as well as the
convenience of on-site services. With our mobile laboratories, and our ability to tap into the most comprehensive data

services available anywhere, we are able to tailor screening to suit the exact needs of the client. Our extensive resources
nable us to handle even the most complex projects and high volume requests with ease.


Today, 101ScreeningService.com, LLC continues to grow within the industry and now offers additional services including:
Random selection, background checks, 24 hour post accident service, hair testing and DNA testing.

101ScreeningService.com, LLC has also expanded by servicing non DOT companies. Services provided to general
businesses include background screening and pre-employment drug testing. Our company offers products and
services that provide benefits to all companies.


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West Haven, CT 06516


or over 7000 collection sites Nationwide


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