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US Coast Guard Drug Screen

Our USCG DOT-Certified Drug Test is for those who want to get or renew a Captains License with the United States Coast Guard.



Here’s how it Works


  1. Come into our office in West Haven, CT or contact us to use any of our over 7000 collection site locations nationwide.  

  2. Purchase the test.

  3. We will complete the Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control form in our office, or email an electronic form to be used at a collection site location near you. 

  4. Arrive at the collection site with a valid State or Government issued Photo ID.

  5. Provide 45 ml urine sample. 

  6. The collection site will send the sample to our SAMHSA Certified Laboratory the same day.

  7. Test results are typically ready in less than 48 hours.

  8. Once the test results are complete, we will have our AAMRO Certified MRO sign your CG719-P form.

  9. The results and CG719-P form will be emailed to you in a PDF format ready to submit to USCG.

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