Personal Drug Testing is proud to work with many accredited laboratories nationwide to offer our clients the widest range of services and collection sites.

Chart is for comparison only, we do not offer saliva testing for individuals.  paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Typical 5 Panel NON-DOT - AMP, COC, OPI, THC, PCP

Hair, Urine, Rapid, Saliva

Typical 10 Panel NON-DOT - all above +  BZO, BUP, BAR, MCTD, PPX (Propoxphene aka Darvon)
Urine lab test only

EtG - Alcohol Testing 
Urine & Hair  

Make sure that these standard tests are compliant with your court order. 


If you need cutoff levels, contact us. 



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