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On-Site Drug Testing Services for Employers

Can you afford to have your employees wait at a local testing facility?  

Important Facts 
. We work with thousands of DOT Trained collectors & Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians nationwide. 

. We provide our collectors a Protocol, specific to the employer’s requests.  

. Our collector’s ONLY use DOT approved Breath Alcohol Testing Devises that print results in triplicate.  

. Our collectors are professionals; they arrive discretely on time and ask for the pre-determined contact.   

. Our collectors bring all necessary supplies; collection kits, bluing agent, tamper tape, gloves, trash bags, etc. 

Perfect for Random Tests & Group Hires. 


  • On-Site Testing saves Employers Time and Money

  • Use your Laboratory account or ours.

Minimum of 10 employees for on-site testing in most areas. 
Contact us for more details and pricing.

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